Big Data Management From Evaluation to Production

How to Thrive with the Hadoop Ecosystem

In many cases, the path that organizations take to implement big data starts by piecing together a stack of open-source Hadoop components. And then— what next?

When embarking on a big data project, it is important for organizations to understand exactly what they are getting into, pay attention to the challenges that have derailed others’ projects, and monitor the impact on total cost of ownership (TCO).

Six key questions that organizations should carefully consider when deciding how to deliver a data management platform are:

  1. How, specifically, will the platform deliver return on investment (ROI)?
  2. How will the big data system be integrated into the enterprise?
  3. How will data be managed to ensure privacy, compliance, and corporate governance requirements are met?
  4. How will timely and secure access be provided to users?
  5. What skills will be needed to implement and operate the platform, and which ones should be built internally versus brought in from outside the organization?
  6. What is the true total cost of ownership for the proposed solution?

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